Unveiling United UK Market Offerings at Connected Britain

Netceed, Europe's largest telecom distributor, recently took the spotlight at the esteemed Connected Britain event, which boasted an impressive 350 exhibitors, 7,500 attendees, and 1000+ organizations represented. At the heart of the event was Netceed's expansive stand, which stood as the largest among its peers.  As the tradeshow took place shortly after Netceed’s acquisitions of Amadys and BTV Multimedia, Netceed, Passcomm powered by Netceed, and DKT powered by Netceed showcased the collective strength and offerings of an integrated Netceed, together for the first time in the UK market. The booth served as a symbol of unity as the newly acquired teams and brands represented as part of the enlarged Netceed family.

This premier event offered Netceed an opportunity to engage with our customers, fostering meaningful conversations and showcasing our extensive portfolio of products and solutions. Live demonstrations, featuring collaborations with partners such as Brady Corporation, INNO Instrument UK, Jetting AB, and VIAVI Solutions, not only captivated the attendees, but also confirmed Netceed's commitment to innovation and collaboration. As a trailblazer in the telecom industry, Netceed's presence at Connected Britain reaffirmed its position at the forefront of driving connectivity solutions, shaping the future of the industry across the globe. Netceed’s one-stop shop offering brings together diverse expertise, products, and solutions under one cohesive global brand, driving innovation, collaboration, and connectivity to new heights.


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