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ETC Group Awarded Distributor of the Year (2020) by Corning

During Corning’s Virtual Carrier Networks Distributor Summit in April, ETC Group was awarded the overall Distributor of the Year (2020) for the EMEA region. This prestigious award is the result of over a decade of strong partnership between ETC Group and Corning, who began their partnership in France and Portugal supporting the major communication service providers and with great success, expanded their relationship to cover the entirety of EMEA and USA, supporting ETC Group’s thousands of customers across 14 countries.

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Cédric Varasteh, reacted to receiving this award by saying “We’re honored and humbled by this award, and it is the culmination of over 10 years of the strong relationship built between ETC Group and Corning.  We look forward to our continued success together.”

With this expansive partnership between ETC Group and Corning, ETC Group will continue offering its customers a high level of one stop shop service by securing all telecommunications materials, particularly all FTTH products, and supply chain solutions needed for their customers’ network deployment and maintenance, furthering ETC Group’s mission to create a more connected future.

About ETC Group
ETC Group is a global leader and valued-added distributor of equipment and supplies for the telecommunications market. Founded in 1993 by Cédric Varasteh, ETC Group supplies and distributes a comprehensive range of passive and active equipment and tools for network deployment and maintenance and offers a comprehensive range of services including product design and equipment selection, sourcing, outsourced procurement, and logistics solutions for cable and telecom operators and network installers and their subcontractors. Today, ETC Group employs over 900 people globally, and supports over 6,000 customers across 14 countries.

About Corning
Since ushering in the telecommunications revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical fiber networks, while providing innovations that make deployment easier and most cost effective.  Today they are delivering optical communications solutions for growing segments like outdoor and indoor 5G networks.


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